Clipper 47BD & 57 BD Seed Cleaners


These seed cleaners are adaptable to cleaning a variety of seeds, such as
corn, soybeans, wheat, rye, hemp, grass seeds, wildflower and native grass seeds.

The Clipper 47 and 57 share some outstanding features, some of which are:

* small commercial or large farm size capacity (30-150 bph)
* powerful, adjustable Clipper bottom blast fan
* 2 powerful top suction fans
* adjustable pitch screens to adjust seed speed over the screens
* roll feed hopper
* automatic screen cleaning brushes
* instant action brush adjustment
* select hardwood frame
* Vee-belt drives
* over 200 different screen perforations and meshes available

Size:  91" L x 62" W x 76" H
83" H for BD (3 screen model)
Horsepower:  5 hp
Shipping Weight:   2000 lbs.
Capacity:  30 - 150 bu. per hr.
Screen size: 34" x 42"
Drive Shaft Speed:   900 rpm

Flow of commodity (seed or grain) through the Clipper model 47 or 57:

1. Grain or seed is fed into the Roll Feed Hopper and passes through the suction chamber where the powerful suction fan removes all light, bulky waste.
2.  The commodity then passes through the scalper screen where the heavy, bulky waste is screened off.
3.  The commodity passes over the grading screen where the undersized kernels and dirt are screened out.
4.  The commodity enters into the air column of combined blast and suction where light, shrunken, and chunky grains are blown out.
5.  The clean, full-sized kernels are delivered at the bottom of the cleaner.


he Clipper 47 or 57 comes with screen cleaning brushes to remove commodity stuck in the screen.  Brushes are recommended for better and faster cleaning.  The cleaner comes with 1 set of screens of your choice.  Additional screens can also be purchased.

In our shop, we at CTI completely refurbish the Clipper cleaners and make them like new.  All Clipper Seed Cleaners are sent out with an information booklet to help you in your seed cleaning operation.

If this machine can help you, call or email us!  If you own a Clipper cleaner that you would like for us to rebuild, call today!