Forsberg 50V Gravity Tables


Vacuum Gravity Separators

Dust-Free, All-Enclosed Separation for Unlimited Applications!


  • Steel construction with fiberglass vacuum hood

  • Sanitary divider adjustments

  • All metal rubber-bushing suspension and deck adjustment suspension

  • Counter-balanced drive

  • Accurate, simplified crank controls

Various Deck covers are available depending upon the need of the operator.  We have rebuilt these for everything from seed corn to ground copper wire to ground rubber tires.

Dimensions:  64″ x 106″ x 83″ tall.
Capacity:  6000 lbs per hr for grains, and varies for other products.

Read more information about them at Forsberg’s website:

  • No blast fans or open deck areas
    The Forsberg Vacuum Gravity is completely enclosed.  Outside air can be brought into the separator and returned to an outside collector.
  • Complete accurate separations
    The vacuum gravity's separation system provides complete and accurate density classification from the very lightest to the very heaviest.  The easy-to-adjust divider blades allow unlimited control of the product discharge.  Five inspection windows allow for operating convenience.
  • Total control of air
    Exclusive type of under-deck feathering insures correct air distribution through the deck, so vital to material stratification and good product separation.
  • Universal installation
    Install Forsberg Vacuum gravities almost anywhere.  You need a clean air supply and a level, solid foundation.  Right or left hand models are available for combined processing lines.  Metal air filters are provided when applicable.
  • Recycle Leg
    A recycle leg is available to permit the light and middling product to be recycled for a more precise separation of tailings or cull materials.