Insta-Pro Extruder model 600


The Insta-Pro Model 600 Extruders are capable of cooking, expanding, sterilizing, dehydrating and texturizing a wide range of products. By creating heat through friction, the Insta-Pro extrusion process allows for high-heat and short cook time, producing high quality feed and food. Insta-Pro extrusion is an economical, easy-to-use operation which offers unlimited opportunities in processing.



  * Introductory commercial model

  * Ideal for community or village based processing

  * Lower volume output ideal for cost conscious customers

  * Ideal for food and feed ingredients

  * Single, over-the-top volumetric feeder with agitator

  * Wall mount control panel

  * Rigid, compact construction

  * Engine/ PTO driven units available

  * Highly cost effective

  * Versatile

  * These are also called model 600 JR or 600JR

We also have accessory equipment that goes with this piece such as coolers, conveyors, and electrical starters.

Power Main
Drive Motor
Power Feeder
Drive Motor
Drive Capacity/hr Weight
with motor
with top feeder
50 hp Top feeder = 1 hp v-belt 600-800 lbs/hr 1400 lbs 55″ w x 62″ l x 58″ h

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