Texas Shaker model TS-2008-16


Like New.
*video is not the machine we have. It is a video made by the manufacturer.*

Housed in a building, so not weathered.
It has been used for approximately 10 operational hours.
Mfg by Triple S Dynamics
There are 4 screens and the bottom pan.
6′ x 10′ screens. Series/ Parallel QC Texas Shaker

From the manufacturer:
The TEXAS SHAKER is best for screening dry granular materials up to about 1” screen opening. It is available in arrangement for 1-4 cutpoints in one machine.
TEXAS SHAKER models are offered in a variety of sizes ranging from 3 x 6 single-deck to 8 x 10 ten-deck, with up to 800 square feet of screening area in a single machine. Today, the TEXAS SHAKER is at work across a broad range of industries, screening a wide variety of products including almonds, various grains, salt, limestone and potash.

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