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Models 240, 160, 80, & 50

Gravity Separators, also known as gravity air tables or density separators, use a combination of air for weighing, vibration for fluidization and conveying and tilt (or slope) for separation. Made for ease of use, longevity and above all, accuracy, Oliver Gravity Separators sort dry, granular, free-flowing material into streams according to particle density. This density separation can effectively separate like-size particles with as little as 0.5% difference in specific density.

Extract heavy, denser particles and contaminants from lighter ones of the same size and shape, to purify and add value to product.  Oliver Hi-Cap density separators are fully adjustable in use for air volume, speed of eccentric, 2-axis tilt, and rate of feed.  CAD-designed fan and rectangular deck separates greater quantities, faster, with great accuracy.  The Hi-Cap gravity table is an efficient and durable choice for a wide variety of applications, from heavy industrial materials like glass, stone, metal and sand, to lighter agricultural seeds, beans, and nuts.

Features of Oliver Hi-Cap Gravity Tables

  • Rectangular deck
  • Easy to adjust
  • Multiple fan system
  • Eccentrics are counter-balanced
  • Specially selected wood
  • Specially tempered steel springs
  • All components combined in a single unit
  • Safe to operate, moving parts are contained underneath

Capacities for the models:

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