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PIKASEN FMS-2000 Compact Optical Sorter

Compact Full-Color RGB Optical Sorter

The Satake PIKASEN FMS-2000 is a portable, cost-effective, full color RGB optical sorting machine for small and medium size applications. This optical sorter incorporates advanced digital image processing and automatic image adjustment functions allowing for accurate sorting of many different products.

The PIKASEN features a direct power supply to a single phase outlet. An aspiration system is built into the machine for simple dust control and removal. High resolution (0.14mm/pixel) full-color RGB cameras capture product images in 16 million different shades of color.

It also uses long life, low energy consumption lighting that uniformly illuminates the product, with an average lifespan of up to 20,000 hours.

Easy access to both the feeding and sorting areas for hassle-free maintenance and cleaning. As an added benefit, wheels allow for ultimate portability.

There are four different models of the FMS 2000.
The FMS 2000 F incorporates NIR with full color.
The below short video is on the  FMS 2000 full color sorter.

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