Clipper 27 Seed Cleaners


This all-purpose seed cleaner is especially suited for those cleaning moderate amounts of seed, such as corn, soybeans, wheat, rye, hemp, grass seeds, wildflower and native grass seeds. The Clipper 27 is a larger farm-size grain and seed cleaner.

The Clipper has some outstanding features, some of which are:

* powerful, adjustable Clipper bottom blast fan
* roll feed hopper
* automatic screen cleaning brushes
* rapid brush adjusting device
* gentle, fast, and self-cleaning bagging auger
* select Hardwood frame
* over 200 different screen perforations and meshes available
* optional attachment: 8 ft. vertical feed elevator

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Size:  62"L x 58"W x 65"H
Horsepower: 2 hp
Shipping Weight:  765 lbs.
Capacity:  40-125 bu. per hr.
Screen size:  34 " x 42 "
Drive Shaft Speed:  400 to 410 rpm

Flow of commodity (seed or grain) through the Clipper model 27:

1. Commodity passes through the gravity-type (or roll feed) hopper onto the top screen.
2. Trash, weeds, leaves and stems are scalped off.
3. Scalped seeds are sent to the second screen.
4. Weed seed, sand, splits and shriveled seed are sent out the side chute.
5. Light chaff is forced out by the adjustable bottom blast fan.
6. Choice cleaned seed collects into the Clipper 27's bagging auger.


The Clipper 27 comes with 2 screens of your choice (1 set). Additional screens can also be purchased.

In our shop we at CTI completely refurbish the Clipper 27 cleaner and make it like new. All Clipper 27's are sent out with an information booklet to help you in your seed cleaning operation.

If this machine can help you, call or email us! We always have a collection of Clipper 27's on hand and ready to prepare just for you. If you own a Clipper 27 cleaner that you would like for us to rebuild, call today!