Clipper Super 248 BDH Seed Cleaners


Double Capacity Seed & Grain Cleaner in a compact frame

These seed cleaners are adaptable to cleaning a variety of seeds, such as
corn, soybeans, wheat, rye, grass seeds, wildflower and native grass seeds

Cleans seed and grain at capacities ranging from 600 to 1200 bushels per hour.  This is accomplished by mounting 2 sets of screens (one above the other) in a single frame and splitting the flow evenly to each shoe.

The Clipper Super 248BDH has some outstanding features, some of which are:

   * Two large Top Suction Fans

   * Famous Clipper Bottom Blast Fan

   * Variable Shoe Shake

   * Variable Air Regulator

   * Double Traveling Screen Brushes or Ball Trays under each screen

   * Over 200 different screen perforations and meshes available

Size:  163.5" L x 89" W x 105" H
Horsepower:  15 hp
Shipping Weight: 5400 lbs
Capacity:  600 - 1200 bu per hr.
Screen sizes: 54" x 34" scalper screen

54" x 60" main screen

54" x 86" seed screen
Drive Shaft Speed:  900  rpm

The Clipper mill comes with screen cleaning brushes to remove commodity stuck in the screen.  Brushes are recommended for better and faster cleaning.  The cleaner comes with 1 set of screens of your choice.  Additional screens can also be purchased.

In our shop, we at CTI completely refurbish the Clipper cleaners and make them like new.  All Clipper Seed Cleaners are sent out with an information booklet to help you in your seed cleaning operation.

If this machine can help you, call or email us!  If you own a Clipper cleaner that you would like for us to rebuild, call today!