Taylor Bagging Scale


model OM2

The OM2 is a manual scale that is durable and easy to operate.  Once the desired weight has been set, the OM2 will repeat that weight exactly.  The operator places the bag on the filling spout and activates the fill control.  The scale trips off automatically.  The operator lifts the bag release bar to drop the filled bag.



  • Taylor Weight Scale Beam – double beam, double poise, self-dampening, fine adjustment

  • Adjustable Flow Control System

  • Positive Grip Bag Clamp Action

  • Precise Over-Under Adjustment for exact measurements

  • Tare Weight Adjustment

  • Ball Joint Bag Release for smooth operation

  • Removable Face Plate for easy service

  • Calibrated Weight Beam to pounds or kilos

  • Diamond Shaped Spout for rapid bag placement

Some specifics:
Size:  20″L x 31″W x 27″H
Shipping Weight: 150 lbs.
Capacity: 15 to 125 lbs.
Speed: up to 900 bph
Accuracy: up to 8/10 of 1%

Inlet Opening: 8″

(10.5″ mounting flange on hopper)
Installation: Bin to Floor Height: 68-72″