Indent Length Graders


The cylinder grain cleaners perform their separation by finding minute differences in length.  With an understanding of the cylinder action and the function of the pickup through inside the cylinder, one can clean grain or seed with accuracy surpassing other types of equipment.

The Indent Separator is a simple, single cylinder machine with a main drive, conveyor shaft, and cylinder.  A 23″ diameter cylinder is the main part of these length graders.

The size of the indent pockets on the inside surface of the cylinder determines the length of the lifted material. Any material the same size as, or smaller than, the indent pockets is lifted and dropped into the receiving trough. The transportation of the material from the trough to an outside spout is performed by a screw conveyor. The remaining larger material is taken to the discharge spout by blades connected to the outside bottom of the trough.


  • Cylinders are available in many sizes for a wide variety of seeds.

  • Can be put together in a series flow (to re-clean seed) or parallel flow (for maximum capacity).