Universal Bucket Elevators


Bucket Elevators offer smooth elevation of most free flowing materials and provide various capacities of movement.  We specialize in rebuilding Universal Bucket Elevators, but also handle many other brands.



Universal Bucket Elevators are known throughout the seed industry for their gentle handling, compactness, and durability.  We always have Universals on hand, and can make them any height needed.

We also sell new Universal Bucket Elevators.  Call for a quote on a new or used bucket elevator.

Selecting the Proper Model
(These factors should be considered when choosing a bucket elevator)

1. Capacity Desired
2. Type of Material (commodity)
3. Weight and Characteristics of the Material
4. Temperature of Material being moved
5. Gentleness of handling required
6. Discharge height and overall height


Common Universal Sizes

Size Cup size Capacity
B 4 x 3" 75 ED* to 300 bph
C3 6 x 4" 175 ED* to 700 bph
C6 7 x 4.5" 600 ED* to 1600 bph
D 9 x 5" 1000 ED* to 3000 bph
*ED means Easy Dump



Gentle handling with the "easy dump" feature

If you are handling seeds or any critical product, the Universal bucket elevator has the "easy dump" feature for gentle handling.  The material dumps onto the back side of the bucket located before it and the center location of the discharge.  (Material does not hit the head casing.)

Belt speeds are reduced for this application.  These reduced speeds and easy dump discharges greatly reduce damage to the material.

Rebuilding at our shop

When we rebuild a bucket elevator, we first disassemble and sandblast the unit.  This allows us to discover which metal is strong still, and which has been weakened.  We replace and repair all weak steel, then we prime and paint the entire unit.  We replace the bearing with new ones, check both the head and boot pulley for a central "crown" (so the belt stays centered).  We then re-assemble the units, add new decals, inspect the belt and cups (and replace if needed).  Units are shipped in easy to assemble sections.

We also can help you find buckets, belting, nuts and bolts, and many other products for any brand bucket elevator.  Please contact us if you need assistance.

We also rebuild other brands including:  Hance, Honeyville,  Clay, Hunter, Bryant-Poff, Clipper, Sweet, and York