Marot Screener C 3/805


Model C3-805
3-screen Cleaner / Grader

Depending on the screen selection – capacities can range from 400 bushels/hour (10.89 MTH) to 900 bushels/hour (24MTH)
3/805 = 3 screens, 805 mm = drum diameter,
805/2.54/10 = 32” diameter drums
27 Sq. Ft / Drum = 4’10” long

There are three screen chambers. All the large debris is discharged here
Each screen is 32” in diameter and 4’ 10” long

This Cleaner / Grader has a lot of real nice features:
· Easily portable
· Efficient and easy to operate
· Screens can be changed for different seeds/grains flow arrangements

From the factory:
MAROT graders separate grains according to their physical size. The accuracy of selection is obtained by the rotating drum, which can have variable speed and inclination.
The first prefix denotes the number of sections/ screens (2 to 5), and the second the diameter of the drum (630 to 1610 mm). When many separations are required (such as for coffee and cocoa) grading is possible by combining several machines in series or parallel.


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