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  • Durability – Made of hardwood to eliminate metal fatigue
  • No Down Time – No changing, adjusting, or cleaning brushes, No Scraping of clogged screens
  • Screen, A One Man Job – Ball tray independent of screen – does not have to be removed on screen change.
  • Increase Quality & Volume – Keeps screen clean and unclogged to allow more product through.

Chalk Farm ball trays are available for: Crippen and Clipper seed cleaners.

These Ball Trays are built to replace the older brush system or will fit directly into machines already built or prepared to take a ball tray. Chalk Farm’s Ball Trays are designed so that one person can safely and conveniently change a screen frame without removing the ball tray.

These ball trays are engineered to create maximum ball movement, therefore maintaining clean screens and efficient operation. Trays are made of hardwood which eliminates metal fatigue and results in fewer breakdowns.

Converting a brush system cleaner to a ball tray cleaner is simple and easy whether you presently use a brush system or a metal ball tray. It includes our conversion kit which has all necessary parts, tools and complete instructions.


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