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Model 10-M2S

The model 10-M2S Pressure Gravity Separator is a half scale model of the production Model 10-MS Pressure Gravity Separator.  The 10-M2S is a complete miniature gravity  separator, constructed of all steel, and designed with the capability to accurately duplicate the separations of Forsberg’s large production machines.

Even with its small size, the 10-M2S has the same exclusive features including:

  • Vibration-free counterbalanced drive system
  • Continuous product flow
  • Accurate deck and air controls.
  • Made in the USA

We sell this model new.  Contact us today at [email protected]

46″ long x 31″ wide x 39″ high
Deck area: 2.9 sq ft
Horsepower: 1
Weight: 340 lbs
Capacity: Varies

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