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Do you have a Clipper 29D or 298D in need of replacing? Q-Sage builds a state-of-the-art compact “easy fit” Air Screen Cleaner that matches the footprint and major spouting setup for the aging Clipper units, allowing for a seamless upgrade to your existing processing line. The new Q-Sage even fits legacy Clipper screens, so no need to order new screens.

Additional benefits to the Q-SAGE Air Screen Cleaner – Easy Clipper Retrofit for the Clipper 29D or 298D:

  • Footprint and major spouting will match Clipper unit precisely
  • Model Match-up/Screen Sizes
  • Q-SAGE 5×60-42 replaces 29D = 42” Wide x 60” Long
  • Q-SAGE 5×60-54 replaces 298D = 54” Wide x 60” Long
  • Matches existing in-plant inlet and good product discharge material flows
  • Enjoy the benefits of an effective seed cleaning and conditioning upgrade without the hassle of major plant revisions and reworking
  • This retrofit option has provided great success for those that have made the swap
  • Easy Access to screens for clean-out/screen changes – 112.5 sq. ft. screen area
  • Heavy Duty Eccentric Assembly with 1” stroke for better product flow uniformity

Modern Flow Options:

  • Screen #1 = Fixed Scalp
  • Screens #2, 3, & 4 = Scalp or Sift
  • Screen #5 = Fixed Sift
  • Screens #1 & 2 = Top Shoe – Parallel Flow (Split Flow Scalp, Scalp over Sift – or – Scalp over Scalp)
  • Screen #3 = Bottom Shoe (Return Screen) Scalp or Sift
  • Screens #4 & 5 = Bottom Shoe – Parallel Flow (2-way Split Flow Sift – or – Scalp over Sift
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