Clipper and Crippen Debearders


Handles a wide variety of jobs with ease.

Some uses include:

  • Debeard barley
  • Clip oats
  • Break up alfalfa pods, grass clusters, flax balls, crested wheat, fescues, brome, or cassia (cinnamon) bark
  • De-awn broncho grass (in oats), dill seed, celery seed, anise seed, or weed seeds
  • Polish and remove mold from pepper balls, coffee beans, or cassia (cinnamon) bark
  • Break up doubles and polish tomato seed and various vine seeds
  • Partially decorticate sugar beet seed
  • De-whisker carrot seed
  • Hull “whitecaps” in wheat or subterranean clover
  • Rub, Polish, and De-awn wildflower and native grass seeds, as well as many other seeds
  • Clip various classes of oats such as: Seed Oats, Market Oats, Poultry and Race Horse Oats, and Tender Oats


* Available with direct drive, variable speed drive, or PTO drive.

* Heavy construction

* Offset feed inlet – permits feeding of very trashy material

* Entire bottom of machine can be opened for easy cleanout

The Debearder operates by means of multiple steel beater arms rotating among similar stationary arms. 



Some specifics:
Shipping Weight: 430 – 600 lbs. (without motor or variable speed)
Capacity (depends on commodity): approx. 200 to 400 bph at 500 RPM
Dia. of rotor shaft: 1 – 15/16″


After selling the Clipper and Crippen Debearders for many years,
we have chosen to install some additional options. 
These are optional equipment that can be added to any debearder.


Option 1:  Retrofitted PTO Drive System 
We have been contacted over the years by customers

that do not have the horsepower needed to run the

debearder on their farms.Our solution to this is

to retrofit the unit to run with a 540 rpm PTO on a tractor.

(Safety shield removed for picture)

Option 2:  Dust Control System  
This system pulls dust from the feed intake
and also the discharge area.